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About the Law Offices of 

E. Hardy Smith

E. Hardy Smith is a respected Tucson attorney who, for more than three decades, has provided effective legal counseling and representation to clients in a wide range of civil matters litigated in Arizona state and federal courts and regulatory agencies or licensing boards. 

In addition to his representation of clients, Hardy  provides services as a mediator to facilitate resolution of disputes between parties who wish to attempt settlement and avoid the uncertainty, expense and time consumption of litigation and trial.

 Se habla Español.

What We Provide


Having practiced law in Tucson and Southern Arizona for more than 30 years, Hardy has courtroom and trial experience in a wide range of matters in litigation, as well as the legal research and writing skills necessary to represent a client effectively in the trial court and on appeal.


With experience comes knowledge of the law and of the legal system.  Hardy has gained the experience and knowledge to be an effective and persuasive advocate for clients, whether in litigation, administrative proceedings, arbitration or mediation.


Good legal and practical judgment relies not just on knowledge and experience but also on instincts honed during decades of legal practice.  Litigation is not always necessary or even desirable. Often a client needs guidance, based upon accurate information, in order to make a well-reasoned decision concerning a legal or business matter.


Every case, dispute or negotiation is personal to the parties involved.  Understanding what the matter means to the client is often the key to achieving the most favorable outcome.


The American legal system depends upon each party’s position being effectively represented.  To achieve the right result, whether in the courtroom, before a governmental regulatory board or in a negotiation, it is essential to have a skillful, well-prepared advocate.

Peace of Mind

Uncertainty produces worry, stress and fear.  While absolute certainty is seldom achievable, it’s easier to feel relief when your matter is in the hands of a compassionate counselor and experienced advocate who provides reliable information and sound advice while handling the stressful, worrisome details.

Practice Areas

Mediation & Alternate Dispute Resolution Services

Client Representation

& Legal Practice

Professional Malpractice


Personal Injury and

Death Claims







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